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  • 南灣古時稱為大板埒,因海水湛藍故又名藍灣。此地沙灘長約600公尺,弧線美,沙質柔軟潔靜,為一郊遊、游泳、划船、駕駛帆船之勝地。 南灣是墾丁最受歡迎的遊憩沙灘之一,這裡的沙子比較細,沙灘較長且坡度平緩,相當適合玩水,請且從墾丁BONJOUR到南灣沙灘僅僅5分鐘車程,這裡提供了各式各樣的水上活動,包含衝浪、帆船、香蕉船、水上摩托車……等設施,既刺激又好玩,海灘上許多陽光的衝浪男孩和比基尼女孩也是南灣的一大風景,無論四季,你永遠都能在這裡找到屬於南國的熱情和活力。


    Nan-Wan Bay (Nanwan )

    Nan-Wan Bay is the most popular beach in Kenting, it's a smooth bay with no rocks, and the shallow-water area is reaIIy long, that is the reason why people aIways likes to play water at here.

    You can try some water recreation here, it's really fun and excited. lf you Iike to surf, it is aIso a good place to go. You can rent the board here, and they aIso offer the teaching service. Or you can rent a sunshade, lay down on the beach and take a nap, just enjoy your beach time in any ways!